Monday, December 1, 2008

Kmart super doubles - you would think I would be sick of this by now!

But alas, I am not!!!! I just love it and I keep going. Riding it out b/c I know this will not last forever!!!!
So I went to two different Kmart's yesterday - One in O'Fallon (not a very nice Kmart - older, dark and dirty, they rarely restock the shelves) and another one in Ballwin, like night and day - clean, bright and fully stocked!!!!

Here are my trips

Trip 1 &2 ( did 2 different transactions)

2-Knorr side dishes
2-Betty crocker frosting
2- turtles
1- ziplock bag pump
1- ziplock bag refill
2- rice krispies
1-apple jacks
7- gilette body wash
4- pert plus (no! more pert!)
2-brut deod
3-dove hairspray
4-kotex liners
4-olay bar soap
1-herbal essence hair dye
6-zest soap
2- revlon beauty tools
6- tic tacs
1 - reynolds wrap
1- bleach

So total before q's $162.xx
Total after q's $8.29

3rd trip (in Ballwin)

$85.xx before q's - $10.84 after q's ($6 of that was for hair dye for my mom )

5 pert plus
4 olay
2 zest
3 natural instincts
4 betty crocker cookie mix (found on end cap)
1 corn pops
2 reynolds wrap
4 beggin strips
1 cat ( jk - had to move way back to get everything in and cat was just sitting there staring at me!)

So my total before q's was around $240.xx after q's $19.xx and I will get back $8 from my mom for the hair dye so $11 for two carts full!!!!

I know I know your wondering what I do with all this right? I can't possibly use it all can I? Well this is what I do:
1. Stockpile - I have a nice stockpile of items going - This works for me but would NOT work for everyone. I like knowing that I really could go without shopping for 2 years.
2. Donate - Food pantries, shelters etc...
3. Friends/Family - I spread the wealth around

Kmart doubles is seriously addicting to me, I have so much fun with it. I am NOT a selfish shopper, I don't clear out the shelves and I also leave coupons on the shelves for others to use.

Thank you Kmart, I never thought I would wait in line at 7 am on a Sunday to get into one of your stores!