Saturday, November 22, 2008

WAGS Trip today - Can you say YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok so today was probably my best day at WAGS (Walgreens for those not familiar with the slang). I spent 8.76 oop (out of pocket) and saved $180.05!!!! I got the following:

11 Revlon Eyeliner
3 Revlon Lipgloss
2 Revlon Eyeshadow
1 Suave Hairspray
3 Suave Mousse
2 Bic Razors
6 Bic refills

How did I do this you might ask??? Well Let me tell you....

First I had a 15% off coupon for WAGS Friends and Family - traded this online (A FULL CUP)

The Revlon eyeliners and lipgloss were on sale $2.59 - they were buy 1 get 1 50% off this week. So I bought one for $2.59 and got the second one for $1.30. I also had $2 off any revlon product that I used for each of the Revlon products giving me overage on 8 of them (approximately .70 overage ea). I traded on A FULL CUP for the $2 coupons (had about 22 of them - I will use the rest at Kmart doubles)

I had 2 - .75/2 coupons for Suave and they were on sale for $1.67

The Bic razors and refills were on sale buy 1 get 1 free for 6.99 - the Friends and Family discount took these down to $5.94. I had 8 of the $3 off any bic razor and/or cartridge refills so I got all of those FREE!!!!!!!!!!

YIPEE!!! What a great feeling!!

I have already listed 4 of the eyeliners and 2 of the lipgloss on sale for a starting price of $8.99 so if I sell those, my haul will end up being FREE!!!

Gotta love it, dontcha?