Sunday, May 10, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Ok I know its Sunday night but I always think ahead! If you have not visited I highly recommend it. Menu Plan Monday is just how it sounds, you plan your meals for the week! Her site links to 300 other blogs who also plan their meals, great place for ideas!

Here is a template to help you plan you meals!!! I'm doing this for 2 reasons, 1. because I love to plan and 2. because I need to plan. If I don't plan my meals, this means a stop for fast food which I don't need! I also do not want to spend the money on it given I have a huge stockpile for a single person!

I will show my lunch and dinner plans because I take my lunch to work each day and this will keep me on track. Keep in mind, I'm just feeding myself here so some nights won't be that creative because I have limited time or I'm just plain tired!!!

Here is my plan for the week:

Lunch: Leftover hamburger from the grill and fresh sweet corn, bananna
Dinner: Chicken salad sandwhich, some form of fruit

Lunch: Mexican wraps (rice, salsa, chicken, & black beans all mixed together to marinate), banana
Dinner: PB & Jelly, mango, chips & salsa

Lunch: frozen Kashi meal
Dinner: Mexican wraps (again)

Lunch: beef & noodles (made the night before with items from freezer)
Dinner: Mexican wraps (yet again). I told you I don't get that creative!

Lunch: office lunch (we usually eat out on Fridays for lunch)
Dinner: Leftovers! I'll be too lazy too cook so I'll scrounge around for what I call 'scraps' a mix of things leftover from the week :)


Melissa said...

Welcome to MPM! I plan menus for the same reasons you do. I admit, though, that I wasn't so organized until I had a family to feed. I had way too many McNuggets dinners when it was just me! :)

Michele said...

I so understand the love and need to plan!