Monday, September 29, 2008

Oh how I love it when the new Mary Kay catalog comes out

I stare at it. I want everything in this book every time it comes out. I love how these women look. I want to look that way and I picture myself walking out the door looking so fresh and perfect and wonderful. Oh I just can't stand it! I want it all!

It drives me nuts this makeup is so expensive. I know I could become a MK rep and get 50% off. I tried that. You have to place such a big order it just is not worth it to me. Then the hounding calls from the directors to try to get you to go to meetings etc. It's such a dilemma.

I will stare at this magazine all night and justify why I should or shouldn't buy this make up. In the end, I probably won't buy anything. The booklet will fall to the bottom of the pile with other items I want but never buy.

Who knows, maybe this time I will treat myself and buy a few things! Its unlikely but stranger things have happened in my world.


Crystal Kellner said...

You should really try the new mineral makeup! I promise you will love it!