Sunday, June 8, 2008

Lazy Days of Summer

Its a hot day today, 90+ degrees in St. Louis. Normally, I would be outside sitting by the pool, basking in the sun. But I was outside a little to long yesterday and I'm a little red and peeling (yes I used sunscreen!). So I thought it would be better if I stayed inside today.

Earlier I did a 20 minute yoga session from my ipod, that was great considering I have been sick for the last week and my body is stiff. So right now I'm sitting on my bed, with my laptop, listening/watching Father Roderick play his game on UStream, and eating a bowl of strawberries and oranges. Yes my friends, life is good here in St. Louis.

In a minute I will be catching up on old movies that are on my dvr. These include: The Incredible Journey, Making Mr. Right, Girl's Best Friend & Queen Sized.

Since I've had an unusual amount of time on my hands to do basically nothing, I revisited one of my favorite websites I had sort of forgotten about. Etsy is by far the greatest thing I have ever found online. Today I have been searching for homemade body & facial products and of course I got sucked right in. I try to remember my mantra that I am making it my goal to live more simply but I did need a few items today and this is what I got. I ordered from Dress Green and I can't wait for my calming and clarifying green tea facial cream, my toning and clarifying facial serum and my pomegranate juice body exfoliant and moisturizer!

Most of the items on this website can be purchased very inexpensively, they are unique and refreshing to find. I have really stopped buying most of my health and beauty products from big chain stores. I don't like all the harsh chemicals used in most of the products you find on the shelf today. I used to purchase from Mychelle, but the pricing has gotten a little bit high for my liking. I still really like the masks the company makes, but I can hardly justify paying those prices. My favorite site for homemade soaps is Crystals Country Store. My two favorite soaps are the fruit slices and rose w/ rose petals. Next time I order, I'm trying the fuzzy navel.

I mentioned in a previous blog posting about buying items locally. While this was definitely harder than I thought it would be, I've been thinking about this almost every day. I'm slowly transitioning myself to start supporting individuals rather than Corporate America. Sites like Etsy allow me to do so. Even though these items are not local, it gets me thinking where the things I buy are coming from.