Sunday, January 27, 2008

Organizing my precious coupons

I have to be honest. I really hate clipping coupons. I sit there with the scissors in hand, flipping through the pages scouring for anything I can use. It actually annoys me when my Sunday paper brings me not one, not two, but FOUR separate coupon inserts! I know what this means. My back and neck are going to hurt after cutting these out.

Now with that being said, my only personal suffering is not worth as much as what I will save once the clipping is over. Plain and simply, shopping smart and using coupons is worth it.

I have used many types of organization styles for my coupons. I used to use little cheapie plastic photo albums. They didn't last too long. I know other people use binders with baseball card holders. That would never work for me, too big and bulky, I wouldn't take it into the store. Other people use accordian style plastic holders. Good idea but I have never liked those either.

I finally found the answer to this problem. I use the Couponizer . I have used this coupon organizer for about 5 months now and I'm happy with it. It even has its own purse for coupons that are too big or bulky to fit inside. This works really easily for me because I can throw my wallet in the purse and take it inside the store.

Coupons can become overwhelming if they are not properly organized. Take a little time to get your coupons organized - find something that works for YOU... Then 'watch the money pile up'!!!