Monday, November 5, 2007

Why I love Walgreens

I am amazed by the amount of items I get at Walgreen's that are free or next to free. My recent trip to Walgreen's will prove this. i got the following items:

6 Scotch Brite Mailing Envelopes
2 Boxes of white envelopes (small)
2 Boxes of white envelopes (large)
2 Boxes of Playtex Tampons
Oral B Pulsar Toothbrush
2 Boxes Q-Tips

Total Before Coupons $30.40
Total Coupons Savings $17.15
Total $13.25
Rebate $4.99

Total $8.26

I generally do something of this nature every week at walgreens. By watching the coupon inserts in the walgreens ad and using manufactures coupons along with it (yes Walgreens allows this) you can get some good deals.

Walgreen's also has their easy savers catalog--which is a rebate program you send in monthly and can get your rebate in the form of a check or a gift card. If you choose the gift card Walgreen's will add 10% to the gift card (free money!) You are also able to use coupons on the items that you do the rebate on - making money!!!

A lot of times Walgreen's will have items on sale 2/$x.xx or buy 1 get one free. You are still able to use coupons on these items making it even cheaper for you!

The one thing to watch at Walgreen's is the total size of the item - especially in the laundry soap/dishwashing detergent/household items etc... The sizes are usually smaller than Wal-Mart or Target and its not that great of a deal.

I have been doing the easy saver rebates catalog this year and my total savings is approximately $143!!!

For this reason - I love Walgreen's!